Free From Desire
Free From Desire

Free From Desire

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SKU: GG-1024-1
Color:Yellow Gold



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You can fill with all your fave jewelry with this cute nose ring. Or keep it simple and style it out on it's own.


Material: Gold Vermeil; Sterling Silver
Outer Diameter: 8mm; 10mm; 12mm
Sold individually.

We strongly recommend removing your jewelry before engaging in any activities that can lead to contact with moisture or friction (ie: washing your hands, sleeping and showering) to maintain luster and prolong life.

For more details, check out our Jewelry care page.

For 6 months from the date of purchase, we’ll take care of your product if any damage to the material or the workmanship of the jewelry occurs. Just contact us and we’ll send you a replacement. Check out more detai is here.


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Artists-to-Customer --- Keen Insight, Free Expression

We bring back the essence to the piece of jewelry, build a bridge for designers, artists and customers to express themselves, and build ourselves as a cultural jewelry brand. Through cooperation with global artists, art and emotion are integrated into each piece of jewelry, so that everyone can witness the dawn of their own jewelry.

Vacuum Coating --- Allergy Free

In jewelry-making, we adopted vacuum coating craftsmanship to stay away from using nickel, which is the biggest source for human body allergy, so that all our jewelry pieces are hypoallergenic. Also, we prioritize using hypoallergenic jewelry material include: PlatinumTitanium, Gold, Sterling Silver, Cooper and Stainless Steel.

Cleaning Painting --- Non Tarnish

E-coating (Electrophoretic coating) is a cleaning painting process followed by a phosphate conversion coating which enhances the corrosion resistance of the metal and also provides an improved base for the subsequent coating.

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