My Favorite Ring Sizing Hacks

My Favorite Ring Sizing Hacks

Ring sizing may not be rocket science but there are some great hacks to make sure you achieve that perfect fit.

Nothing's worse than a ring slipping right off your finger without you noticing. I have lost many rings to improper sizing which makes me even more excited to share tips for how I FINALLY figured out the proper way to measure your rings. Below are my top tips for making sure your favorite rings stay on your finger.


You may not realize it, but so much of our body fluctuates throughout the day, including our fingers! The time of day you measure your finger absolutely affects the measurements you get. It's best to measure your hands at the end of the day when they are warm and at their largest. In the morning our fingers can be small and cold, resulting in too small a measurement.


For some people, their knuckles may be larger than the base of their finger. For this situation, you want to measure both your knuckles and finger and then choose the size that's in between them both. This ensures you will get a ring that can make it past your knuckles.

Pro Fit: You don't want too loose of a fit that the ring slips right off your fingers. You want a snug, but comfortable fit.


On one hand, if you know which exact finger you want the ring on, it's best to get the measurement for that finger. On the other hand, while you're at it, you might as well measure all 10 of your fingers and keep these written down somewhere. This way you never have to spend too much time trying to guess your measurement while shopping for cute accent rings.

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