THAT Girl Morning Routine

THAT Girl Morning Routine

Morning, crucial part for you to start a new day. How to live it in the most productive way? Tips for you to have a beautiful morning routine.

This whole procedure may help you have your ish together, stay productive, always prioritize your mental health and self-improvement. But you don’t really have to feel pressured about doing things in a certain way merely to live by the trend, as long as you are making these lifestyle changes for yourself to become better, not for anyone else’s sake, then you’re totally okay.

Early wake-up

That girl morning routine always starts with an early morning when energy, concentration and productivity at their peak level. Maintaining the stability of one’s biological internal clock guarantees a well-performed body function. A quick bedmaking time or meditation will surely get one of the most wonderful days in your life started right away.


Out door, Fresh air

Nothing can be better than a 30-minute morning walk with your dog as well as the music that being streamed over your headphone. Just don’t forget to bring a bottle of warm lemon water to stay hydrated. Fresh cool air especially in summer will absolutely expel sleepiness and morning temperament but help your mindset stay tuned for the whole day.


Get ready

Make sure you change out of the pajamas then get ready for the day. It doesn’t have to be an hour’s lush bath, a whole set of skincare routine, a full face of makeup, but it totally can be. Beautiful dresses and exquisitely designed jewelry will surely make the rest of the day more colorful and brilliant.


Breakfast and coffee

It’s time to fuel your body with the healthy THAT Girl diet recipe. Avocados over eggs and a side of oatmeal with raspberry, along with a cup of homemade coffee or green smoothie are 100% better than Macdonald’s heavy breakfast, and the time you spend on that healthy food which is higher in fiber and nutrients, is totally worth it. With a controlled calories intake and the podcast playing, trust me, you will find peace and fulfilment in this morning breakfast time.



It can be a quick 5-minute journal for listing all the to-dos of that day to make everything more organized, or the time you spend on tending your mental health by recording whatever going on in your life, things you’re grateful for, feel happy about, or the goals you wish to accomplish. Then, it’s time to get the day started!


Just remember, the whole THAT Girl thing is not meant to make you feel jealous of other’s rich lifestyle or achievement, but ask you to focus on yourself, accept yourself and love yourself, cause you are the only one that really matters in your own planet.

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