Meet Our Cooperated Designers

Meet Our Cooperated Designers

We are devoted to directly working with designers and artists to turn their ideas into reality, then our customers can enjoy the edgy-featured styles with the least cost.

Our brand is devoted to directly working with talented while underprivileged artists since its inception. Some of these artists' designs are extraordinarily special and bold, but may fail to tap their full potential in the market due to numerous factors. That is why we hope to initiate such a campaign to build a platform for those designers whose ideas deserve to be seen. 

Rosa Moreno

This Spanish jewelry designer has successfully created the conception of our best seller -  the Body Jewelry series. We've been closely contacted with her for the first-hand updates of the drafts and her original ideas. Since body jewelry always stresses the pure beauty of human body, which impresses us with its symbol of confidence, freedom and bravery, Rosa is such a feminist artist hoping to design a jewelry piece that concentrate women's love and respect to their own body. 

Rebecca Vallance

Rebecca and her team has been working with us for over three years, and we are so honored that she'd love to give us this chance to make her dedication towards semi-precious stones into reality. Such gentle and meaningful jewelry pieces are infused with designers' wholehearted commitment and beautiful wishes for people who like and wear them. 

Ricci Lidia

Our Italian designer whose studio is set in Florence. Driven by sheer passion in mysterious symbols, she and her team has created the Tarot Pendant series which may be indictive to the future and hope the wearers may gain strength from this magic reflection. 

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