Gingiberi Jewelry: Begin a Journey with the Artists

Gingiberi Jewelry: Begin a Journey with the Artists

New chapter, new mood! #JourneywithArtists. We are launching our brand new website to take this whole thing to the next level. Stay tuned with us for what’s to come!

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The founder of GINGIBERI is a British designer with a passion for travel. While traveling, she discovered that the traditional craftsmanship and unique cultures around the world are fascinating, forming designs that people overlook but are truly beautiful and heartwarming. So in order to let more people know about this, she decided to retrace the whole journey. With a spicy ginger pattern as the original symbol of her brand, connecting niche designers of various cultures, religions, and styles worldwide, she decided to fight against the luxury giants in the jewelry industry. The story of GINGIBERI begins.

From Leonardo da Vinci to Andy Warhol, from neoclassicism to Bauhaus style, art and design should reflect the spirit of the times and represent attitudes and values that will never fade.

But in the fashion world, it seems that design, quality, and price are an impossible triangle. Luxury giants manipulate the direction of fashion with paperclips. But true fashion and taste should never be linked to luxury.

Artist Journey Travel and Trip for Art Design Inspiration

GINGIBERI is here for responding to this problem. Our brand will dig deeply into those wonderful stories about peoples, countries, religions, and cultural origins to find the very nature of craftsmanship and cultures that brings us power and make us moved.

We want to produce pieces of jewelry, but beyond that.

We aspire to create a global fashion accessories shopping platform where everyone can find fashionable, quality, affordable accessories on Gingiberi.

Gingiberi Jewelry Ideas Earrings Necklace Ring Inspiration from Life and Work



We decide to bring back the essence to the piece of jewelry, build a bridge for designers, artists and customers to express themselves, and build ourselves as a cultural jewelry brand.

Through cooperation with global artists, art and emotion are integrated into each piece of jewelry, so that everyone can witness the dawn of their own jewelry.

Gingiberi Art Jewelry Inspiration Ideas-Begin a Journey with the Artists



If you search "Y2K" at Depop, or a thrift store for a Von Dutch trucker hat, a tracksuit with "Juicy" on the back, or a "baby Phat" label in sparkling italics, then you're searching for something that fits the McBling aesthetic. McBling is back in vogue as Gen Z reflects on decades of fashion inspiration. We use this trend to draw inspiration from the iconic love element, while reminiscent of the same retro-feeling childhood toy, the Barbie doll, trying to Use Barbie powder to combine the metal that looks forward to the future to explore more possibilities for the YOU CAN BE ANYTHING girl and accessories who are brave and assertive and do not compromise with reality.

Gingiberi Sweetheart Y2K McBling Pink Fashion Jewelry Necklace Earrings 2022
Kitsilano Jewelry: Love what makes you - YOU

For this west-coast style collection, it's all about simple and elegant.

Gingiberi West Coast Simple and Elegant Jewelry Ideas Waist Chain and Leg Chain



Living in a modern concrete jungle, we build our bodies with stacks of virtual data. We see a world twisted. Outside and inside, steels and flesh, the past and the future, all contradictions intertwined in a seemingly opposite fate. Like us, they all have something in common, marching onto the unknown. Instead of traditional cold, hard-core sci-fi vibe, we prefer a sense of artful sensitivity rooted in the New Wave in the 1960s and 1970s. We still raise our heads to appreciate the extraordinary civilization, but we don't keep our heads up way too long because, in the end, we are all just humans, with soft bodies and ever-beating heart. Follow us, and you will be at the edge of a revolution. Click to know more about Cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk Style High-tech Low-life Futuristic Jewelry Art Jewelry Ideas 2022



Browse more about our collection of jewelry to find amazing body jewelry, necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and limited edition styles to match every look!

If you are interested about our story, check our "About Us" for more details.

Gingiberi Art Jewelry Silver Snake Chain Express Yourself

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