McBling Aesthetic 2022 - 2000s Fashion is Back

McBling Aesthetic 2022 - 2000s Fashion is Back

Embracing the modern version of confidence, brave enough to receive attention while coddling in a healthy dose of self-obsession. 

"Less is More" is bullshit, because McBling is full-on more, more, more.

Just like the river running into the ocean, trends and designs search for their source from the past and then thrive again. Millennial retro vibe revives under the influence of the Internet and those fashion icons. Inevitably, hot girl style, originating from the early 2000s, comes back. 

2000s Fashion Trends McBling Aesthetic 2022 Jewelry Ideas


Millennial style has a wide range, including futuristic, scientific Y2K (aka. Year 2000 Kilo) style between 1995 and 2003 and McBling style between 2003 and 2008, which resulted by the entertainment industry and the pop culture.

McBling Fashion Trends 2022 Pretty in Pink Velvet Tracksuit and Bling Jewelry Accessories

Why McBling?

McBling is unmistakably different from the spacey and futuristic fashion of Y2K, succeeding the Y2K aestheticIt contained similarities to Y2K but were also distinct in its own right.

Shocking pink, reflective textured fabrics, narrow top and bottom wide silhouettes, rhinestones, and catchy prints are more everyday, more entertaining. Paris Hilton is the best example. We're now so obsessed with McBling. It's cheesy, flashy, but complicatedly stunning and gorgeous.

Paris Hilton McBling Style 2022 with Pink Velour Mini Dress to Shine in Swarovski Bling Look.jpg


McBling reflects a time of “hedonism”, it brings you back to that one period in time where there was that sense of happiness and wonder. It’s like a little boost of serotonin.

The specific expression 20 years ago may be the futurism, but at now, it's the brave imagination and craving for the future. Embracing the modern version of confidence, brave enough to receive attention while coddling in a healthy dose of self-obsession. That’s certainly what it is all about. 

"Less is More" is bullshit, because McBling is full-on more, more, more.

Darling MCbling 2022 Mcbling fashion, 2000s fashion outfits, Pink and black Velvet Skirt

How To Wear

Velvet Tracksuit
Paris Hilton and Saweetie Sport Juicy Couture Velvet Tracksuits McBling Aesthetic Fashion Styles 2022


Cropped Top + Denim Flared Pants with Rhinestones and Sequins

Flirty The McBling  Early 2000s Aesthetic Y2K Aesthetic Iconic Sparkling Cropped Top with Denim Jeans Fashion and Style

 Everything Colorful
McBling 2000s Fashion Trends 2022 Colorful Eye Makeup and Sunglasses
Waist Chain
Gingiberi McBling Y2K Sparkling Heart Wasit Chain Body Chain Body Jewelry
Jewelry & Accessories

Crystal clear and colorful, as attractive as candy. Make sure to check Gingiberi JENELL Jewelry collection to match your McBling look.

Gingiberi McBling Fashion Trends 2022 Sparkling Jewelry Accessories.jpg

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