Moonlit Snow
Moonlit Snow
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Sale price$1,699.00 USD
SKU: GE-1352-9
  • 9-11mm South Sea White Pearl Ear Studs
  • AAA Pearl Grade
  • High Luster, Round, Clean Pearl
  • 18K Solid Gold
Pearl Size9-10mm

Introducing the Moonlit Snow Earrings, an embodiment of pure elegance and timeless design. These exquisite earrings are crafted from the finest South Sea white pearls, renowned for their unparalleled luster, flawless complexion, round shape, and mesmerizing sheen. Each pearl, carefully chosen for its pristine white hue, represents the pinnacle of luxury and the strong presence of nature's beauty.

Complementing the luminous pearls, the earrings feature 18k gold settings, ensuring a piece that is not only rich in aesthetic appeal but also hypoallergenic, catering to the most sensitive of skin. The simplicity and versatility of the design make these earrings a quintessential accessory for any wardrobe, effortlessly elevating both day and evening looks.

The Moonlit Snow Earrings capture the essence of the South Sea white pearl's purest white, offering a statement of elegance that is both bold and understated. This unique blend of natural wonder and refined craftsmanship makes the earrings a perfect tribute to the modern woman who appreciates the beauty of simplicity and the luxury of natural gemstones. Wear the Moonlit Snow Earrings as a symbol of purity, elegance, and a strong sense of identity, shining brightly in any setting.


Material: South Sea White Pearl, 18K Solid Gold

Pearl Size: 9-11mm

Metal Color: Yellow Gold

Including complimentary gold vermeil earring backs.

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